How the game works:
Join us as we exchange things with all kinds of people in our quest to discover something BIGGER or BETTER!
We post our adventures about who we meet and what they traded. Let's trade with you too!


The game begins with a small insignificant item which is offered publicly for a bigger or better item. Once a trade occurs the new item is immediately offered for trading. The cycle continues until no further trades can occur or until trading becomes an impossible due to financial or physical hardship. When trading has stopped the item is sold or donated at the blog owner’s discretion. The game could then begin again with a different small insignificant item.

Most items qualify to trade. The following rules are not intended to be all inclusive but rather general guidelines when determining if your item qualifies for a trade.

• A Person CAN trade more than one time.
• The item CAN be bigger AND better at the same time.
• The item CAN be traded for more than one item (i.e. a collection set).
• The item CAN be “home-made” or store bought.
• The item CAN be an event, movie or theme park pass if it does not expire in less than six weeks.
• The item CAN be traded for a service as long as that service is legally redeemable and does not expire in less than six months (i.e. a gift card from a major restaurant chain)

• The item CANNOT be cash, check or other banking cash equivalent.
• The item CANNOT belong to someone else or have any liens by other parties who could make claim to the item, (i.e. no loans or leases regarding the item).
• The item CANNOT be anything living (people, animals, plants etc.), or requiring food, water, air, or light to maintain its condition.
• The item CANNOT be permanently attached to any other property not offered as part of the exchange (i.e. a garage door still attached to the garage).
• The item CANNOT require a fee as a condition to transfer between parties, deactivated devices are ok (i.e. a cell phone).
• The item CANNOT be stolen property, “pirated” or “boot leg”.
• The item CANNOT be illegal or prescription drugs or “explicit” in nature

IMPORTANT: A post on the “BIGGER-or-BETTER” blog is a CONDITIONAL OFFER meaning the blog owner reserves the right to deny ANY and ALL offers for ANY reason (even if the offer meets all the rules of the game)

Key Terms Defined:
BIGGER – Larger, Wider, Taller, Heavier.
BETTER – Higher Quality, More Features, Popular, Collectable, Unique, in better condition.
CONDITIONAL OFFER – Meaning no guarantees of exchange implied.
TRADE or EXCHANGE – Used interchangeably to mean the actual transfer of items between a “Bigger-or-Better” representative and another party.
AS IS – All items are exchanged “as is” meaning no guarantee of working or lasting condition and the blog owner cannot be held liable for any damages for imperfections in the item.